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We want to see your best 3 page submission on how you plan to write the character and your personal motivation for why you want to write for this character.

Deadline 10/31/2022


Top 5 – $500 per chapter and an official Writing Position


Step 1

Read all the information below

Step 2

Choose the proper competition on the submission form and upload your work as described in the instructions. 

Step 3

Post our confirmation image on instagram and tag @blacksandsentertainment


This competition will be your pitch for being the main writer of 5 major characters in the Black Sands Universe. These characters in Anthos, Sorkatti, Fenyang, Monkabh, and Masika. You can read all the lore regarding this special competition on our world anvil page. It is important that you explain your personal motivation for wanting to write for this character. You can only choose 2 characters to submit for so choose wisely. 

The information on all these characters can be found here:

There will be 2 rounds. The first involves this short summary. If selected to continue, you will submit a 5 page short story on the character for final consideration. No one will be notified of qualification for the second round until after 10/31/2022

Entry Format

Only two entries can be submitted per applicant. 

Please submit a word document, 12 point times new roman, 1.5 spacing. Use this document as your submission. Any other type of document will be considered an automatic rejection.

On the submission form tab, choose the proper character an in the description, leave your patreon user name, kickstarter username, or investor name to qualify for submission. All patrons must have an active account to qualify.



Non-Confidentiality of Your Submissions. Except as otherwise described any applicable Additional Terms, you agree that (a) your Submissions will be treated as non-confidential and non-proprietary by us – regardless of whether you mark them “confidential,” “proprietary,” or the like – and will not be returned, and (b) to the maximum extent not prohibited by applicable law, BSE does not assume any obligation of any kind to you or any third-party with respect to your Submissions. Upon request, you will provide documentation necessary to authenticate rights to such content and verify your compliance with these Terms or any applicable Additional Terms. You acknowledge that the Internet may be insecure and subject to breaches of security; according, you acknowledge and agree that your Submissions are submitted at your own risk.

In your communications with BSE, please keep in mind that beyond Submissions we do not seek any unsolicited ideas or materials for products or services, or even suggested improvements to products or services, including, without limitation, ideas, concepts, inventions, or designs for music, websites, apps, books, scripts, screenplays, motion pictures, television shows, theatrical productions, software or otherwise (collectively, “Unsolicited Ideas and Materials”). Any Unsolicited Ideas and Materials you submit are licensed to us as set forth below. In addition, BSE retains all of the rights held by members of the general public with regard to your Unsolicited Ideas and Materials. BSE’s receipt of your Unsolicited Ideas and Materials is not an admission by Image of their novelty, priority, or originality, and it does not impair BSE’s right to contest existing or future Intellectual Property rights relating to your Unsolicited Ideas and Materials.



Must be a patron member to enter competition. Must not give any documents outside of the requested ones. This would show that you follow proper instructions.

IMPORTANT: All applicants must post our promotional image “patron” on their social media channels with @blacksandsentertainment tagged. Anyone who doesn’t, will not be considered.


How to enter

It is imperative you fill out all relevant info in the submission form and these following things.

1. TLDR summary.

2. Why did you pick this story

3. What is your motivation.

4. Patron name for verification

Attach the document for submission as a PDF or word document no larger than 20 MBs. Make sure the character you are applying for is selected in the drop down box.


Winners will receive an official writing slot.

Winners will receive 500 USD per chapter submitted in the project.



Open for submission until 10/31/2022

winners will be announced 12/15/2022



Submissions will receive feedback at the discretion of Black Sands Entertainment. If you do not receive a response by 11/15/2022, it is assumed you didn’t make it to the second round. We will have honorable mentions on youtube.